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  2. < 10 TSH and normal T4 certainly reasonable if there is no other s/s of hypothyroidism to wait in recheck in 12-16 weeks if Obese, depression or other complaints which might be related to hypothyroidism I would start out at between 50 and 100 Just read another review last week that said treating these sub clinical hypothyroidism cases does NOT have a positive effect. I however still treat as long as there is something which might be helped with euthyroid.... ie mood....
  3. I would not be against RVU only income, but it would have to make sense. I would require a base salary for 1-2 years as patient base is established, but also would need control over how to run my practice...no show fees, discharge patients, etc.
  4. Would depend on age and cardiac risk...but I generally start low and increase as needed.
  5. Some private schools may have a policy of accepting local students. Just read websites and check it out.
  6. Does anyone have ideas as to additional "training documentation" to upload onto the documents section of Pace-LHR's application?
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  8. I have a question regarding the difference between reporting my experiences as Healthcare Experience (HCE) or Patient Care Experience (PCE). My undergraduate degree was in Athletic Training and I had approximately 2000 hours of hands on experience providing first aid, evaluating injuries, and implementing treatment and rehabilitation plans under the guidance of a Certified Athletic Trainer that was my preceptor. I now have 1000 hours as a certified/licensed provider that I am counting as PCE. However, according to the definitions I would say what I did during my undergraduate education resembled more PCE than HCE as I had a very active role in the patients' care. ShouldI list the 2000 hours as PCE even though it was part of a undergraduate clinical experience and not as a licensed provider? I have another similar question applying to the volunteering experiences. If I volunteered as first aid coverage at events should that be listed under HCE/PCE or just under volunteering?
  9. I'm sure it was "lucrative"....for them.
  10. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing how they contacted you? I just submitted and curious as to whether they call or email?
  11. I am from Taiwan, applying to PA school this year. Is there anyone here that's either a practicing PA or PA student that comes from outside of US, potentially a country that doesn't speak English? What helped you on your application that got you admitted to PA schools? And is there any PA schools that you would recommend for international students? I have around 1500 hours of patient contact, GPA of 3.97, and TOEFL score of 102 out of 120. Currently I am looking into schools in New York, Texas, and California, since they seem to have more opportunity for future employment as a bilingual provider (Chinese and English) I appreciate any advice, thank you guys so much!!!
  12. I just made a Facebook group! “Cumberlands NKY PA class of 2022”
  13. Good luck everyone, applying from Florida and just got verified yesterday!
  14. My experience was that not being tied down not enough. They want to know what attracts you to that community or what ties you have to that community. They don’t care that you don’t have ties elsewhere. In their mind if you have ties there, you are likely to stay, otherwise they think you are just going to take the job, gain experience and leave.
  15. I'm a PA-S1 here, secondary review just means that they have recognized your application is complete and will not be thrown out before the first review by admissions. You could receive a call/email for an interview starting around July.
  16. I figured I would start the thread for this cycle! I applied yesterday 5/20 and CASPA verified 5/21, still waiting for an email confirmation that my application was received. Good luck to everyone this cycle!!!
  17. I wanted to start for a conversation for 2019. First time applicant here! My app was submitted 5/20 and verified 5/21.
  18. Article that I read last week (EM:RAP?) argued that even if TSH is elevated BUT T4 is normal, there is no long-term benefit to treating sub-clinical hypothyroidism. I plan on discussing with my internist later this summer, as well as the argument once again of actual benefit of using statins to lower TC/LDL values when a significant portion of ACS patients have normal values to begin with and aren't on statin therapy. With regard to your question, I'd start using the formula BUT I would also ask the patient to bite the bullet and pay for brand name until you figure the correct dosing due to variability of generic formulations (I've seen this in myself).
  19. Personally, I would not include those under membership. I would add them under the experience section. From what I've read and been told, professional memberships include having an AAPA membership or your state PA organization membership. Or if you belong to any large societies like the American Society of Microbiology. What you have listed above would not be considered 'professional' by CASPAs definition. I was also a sorority member and was in an honors society and I added both of them to my experience section!
  20. If you are service connected then look into Vocational Rehabilitation. I used all of my GI bill benefits in undergrad too. Qualified for Voc Rehab and they are paying for PA school in its entirety, plus housing stipend. Go to eBenefits, then request an appointment for Voc Rehab. It may change your life. Had a classmate (started PA school with Loans), looked into Voc rehab after starting PA school, qualified, and Voc rehab payed all his previous loans.
  21. Send me $10,000.00 in unmarked twenties, and I'll take care of things for you. I know some people who know some people. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
  22. The patient is still producing some thyroid hormone. I would start low and go slow. Maybe 25 or 50 and retest in 6 weeks. I had a radioactive ablation for Graves (which doesn’t necessarily wipe out all thyroid function; didn’t in my case) and that’s more or less what my endocrinologist did. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Newly diagnosed Pt. with TSH of 8.4 and 112 kg. What dose would you start patient? Would you use formula 1.6 x kg and start at dose just below?
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