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  2. You and any NP's are welcome here on these boards anytime. I enjoy the insight I get from them.
  3. Hi all, I just got invited for a 10/7 interview. I submitted CASPA on 6/14 and the supplemental on 7/3. So excited!!
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  5. Can I ask when you applied and if you are willing to share your stats?
  6. Would anyone that got accepted mind sharing their stats? I would really really appreciate it.
  7. Rev, you're also in a unique situation, somewhat similar to where I'm at to where we aren't "moving the meat" like so many others. I'm glad that you, and some of us others, are allowed time to partake in these discussions.
  8. Well, egg on my face. I wonder if they closed the application window? I agree that I don't see it either and yet the link previously took one right to it. If one is interested I guess that they could call HR and inquire. One of the asst. superintendents is handling the matter from what I've been told.
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  10. I am also really wanting to meet up! I am a second time interviewer and got waitlisted back in 2017. I have a work training until 4:30 the Friday before so I would be available around 6:00 to meet up.
  11. Interviewed Monday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I interviewed 9/11 got accepted 9/20. Good luck to everyone! Can’t wait to meet those accepted in a few months!
  13. With appropriate research, I’d put my money on physicians NOT being appropriately represented at a higher rate than nursing, or anyone else for that matter. However, look at Tenn, NP one of top over prescribing meds , also in Dec 2018 there was a report out of Washington DC Public citizen stating that nursing board are failing to report issues that harm patients. I just had the annual Privacy talk at my hospital. The person in charge of compliance and privacy, as common in most facilities, is a nurse. She gave two examples of hospital employees posting comments on Facebook. Comment #1 (a transport aid)was general remark about all the drug overdose patients coming to ER. Comment #2 (an RN) was about an elderly patient in a specific ward, with a specific illness. The transport aid was fired, the RN was told to remove post. The privacy (RN) director stated she was the one to decide to take higher, and she felt the comment about drugs was malicious and the other was not. . RNs care about patients and she wasn’t meaning or posting anything bad. Although went on to tell us all that we are NEVER to post anything about the hospital and patients or we can definitely lose our jobs! I know this is minor, but again, protect their own...
  14. Hello! So, not trying to be a negative nelly at all, but it looks like I am likely not getting accepted to any PA school for this cycle (my 1st). I've been waitlisted once, rejected twice, and silence from everywhere else (5 more schools -- one is not rolling, though). I've learned from it, and I am ready to come back next year strong. I am wondering what is going to roll over from next year into CASPA? I think I have some great LORs and would love my transcripts to roll over as well. Thanks in advance!
  15. Tacoma folks come jump over to our thread to plan a meet up ahead of time! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  16. Last year we met up at 7 seas, it worked well since its a large space and doesn't require reservations. I would vote for that again. Harmon would require reservations. I'm local to Tacoma so I'm happy to go wherever. I interviewed at Tacoma last year. Hoping this year goes better! And yes, its a group panel interview, you will be interviewed 3 times in groups of 3. There are 2 interviewers at each panel. Each panel in theory has a theme but all 3 of mine were just get to know you/ask questions about your application. Some people did get asked "what would you do in this situation" type questions. You probably get about 15-20 mins of "air time" per panel. They want to make sure you're not monopolizing the time, that you interact with your panel members etc.
  17. Has anyone who applied in May heard anything/received an interview yet? Thanks
  18. Hey evanderburg, I was working for Summit Medical Group (based in NJ) before being accepted to PA school. They recently expanded their locations to both Oregon and Arizona, so I’m sure they have lots of positions open for PAs. Good luck with your relocation/job search :).
  19. I will never get my head around how NPs are licensed to practice medicine by a nursing board.
  20. I went to the link you posted and searched "Physician Assistant" but did not get any results. I also searched through all 5 pages to see if it was worded differently, but all I found was "School Nurse." What is the specific job title I should be searching for?
  21. It's a Zoom meeting and they should provide you links to access it. Good luck!
  22. Current student here, there are obviously good things about the UNMC program. I'm going to talk about a few financial facts that I wish I knew before enrolling. This mostly pertaining to out of state students. If paying for PA school is not a concern or if you are a resident then the below does not apply. 1. As an out of state student you have to be aware that you are paying three times as much as in state student and you will NOT ever get residency status unless you marry a Nebraskan resident. (When my class matriculated, we were told neighboring states will get in state tuition and this was revoked.) 2. Non-resident tuition scholarship is a tuition discount for out of state students as the name suggests, the money comes from the school's extra revenue. Faculty usually advertise it to new students as a sure thing each year but that is not true. Some students get it, some students don't, it is completely up to the program with unknown method of determining how the money is disbursed. (Faculty has said that they do not want students to find out about each other's out of state tuition assistance because students that did not receive anything would feel it was unfair that their classmates got a lot of money and they didn't. To give you a ballpark, some students got $10k some students got $0, some students got 30k. Is this fair? you decide.) - Even if you get the scholarship during your first year, you may not get it the second year or vice versa. Unless it's in writing, don't believe whatever you're told. 3. Scholarships. Lots of Nebraska resident students with competitive grades can receive multiple scholarships, one of which is $10K per year of scholarship for which out of state students are not eligible. (It's a VERY good financial decision to apply to UNMC if you are a Nebraska resident. You can potentially pay only a few thousand dollars for the entire program. ). This means even if you maintain a 4.0 GPA, you will pay the full tuition. 4. Support. There is no space for PA students. This is one of the few PA programs in the nation where the PA program is not a part of school of medicine but a part of college of allied health. This means you are not welcome to any of the medicine specialty interest groups and activities such as Emergency, surgery, OB. You never interact with Med students, you also do not get academic support. There is minimal inter professional activity as well. 5. Program director. Have not had one since January 2018. 6. Tuition. Subject to change anytime for any amount for any reason. The tuition is NOT locked in. Right now it is $120k+ fees for the program, right after you matriculate and lock in it may become $140k. You never know, and this has actually happened. 7. Rotations. Some of the other programs out there offer rotation housing reimbursement if the rotation does not have housing. UNMC is not one of those programs. Have funds set aside to pay for housing during clinical year as well as paying the same amount of tuition as didactic year. As an out of state students, it will be hard for you to already have friends or family in the Nebraska cities you are sent to. 8. Retention rate. If passing PA school is something that you are worried about. I recommend you try to find students who had to repeat and ask about their experiences. If you want an honest response, ask these students outside of the interview time. The students at the interview will be first year students who really can't tell you much. The best information is from 2nd year and 3rd students. 9. Faculty student relationship. With the exception of one of the faculty who enjoys talking to students casually, most of the faculty are strictly professional. This is not an issue unless you would prefer a more close-knit relationship with your faculty. To summarize: Be prepared to pay over 130k for tuition alone and understand that you are not eligible for most of the scholarships and do not count on the Non resident tuition scholarship to make it more affordable. Talk to the financial aid office to get an idea of what exactly to expect, PA program faculties do not have any financial information (they actually give false information, this is not intentional because they really just have no idea, the only reliable sources is the financial aid office). Here's for some positive, US news ranking of PA schools does not matter in real life at all, what matters is passing and getting your degree. UNMC does a great job at this, the passing rate has mostly been 100%. If you have specific questions, feel free to PM
  23. When did you apply and when did you get an email?
  24. ^^^ If I wasn't on that side of town I would be all over it, sadly the drive from Fort Worth would be brutal...
  25. I talk to my homeless patient about his homelessness. I've had a number of my patients forced to move against their will, if not outright evicted, over the years. I talk to my minority patients about racism, most often about how I expect it will affect their ability to get a job after they're done with worker's comp retraining. I have yet to see any reason to discuss global warming or climate change; those are macro-level discussions. The closest I get to discussing politics with patients is when I'm testing their grip strength, I'll have them squeeze my fingers, and then say "Great, now pretend I work for the IRS and do that again." It is not my job to change my patients' belief systems using my influence as a medical provider; I believe that to be inappropriate and unprofessional. But if I were going to do so, I'd try and get them to be more forgiving of themselves and others, more willing to let go of hate and anger, more willing to let go of burdens... But I digress. If those personal belief upgrades resulted in more social responsibility, hooray. But ultimately, there's enough individual pain, sadness, selfishness, desperation, despair, shame... I would attack those first, because they can make my patients' lives better as they let go of those one by one.
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