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  2. Anyone hear anything at all? Probably gonna call soon and ask the status of my application
  3. Salary is not bad for a new grad but something you said gives me a migraine..... THEY ARE TRUSTWORTHY..... No contract = fail. Good luck.
  4. I know its only the 8th but hoping to hear soon! In agony waiting!! Lol
  5. Any advice for interview day from people that have been interviewed already? What time of questions they have, is the essay part difficult? Any shared knowledge will be really appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The primary care doc with whom I did my family medicine rotation would pinch the arms of overweight adolescents and say, “hmmm, too many cookies I think.” I truly believe he started several children down a road to an eating disorder. I’m sorry this happened to your patient.
  7. Today
  8. Joining in. Got my prelim screening/pre-req's e-mail, just awaiting to see as time follows. Anyone have an idea on interview timelines for UNE? I just see Fall, but maybe i'm just getting overzealous over here, hah.
  9. Thank you so much Chloe, hoping for an interview invite soon! Very best of luck to you this application cycle!
  10. Hello! My name's Michael, applicant during this CASPA cycle and I am currently in need of some additional shadowing opportunities/hours. I have found a lot of places to be on hold for another few months with COVID, but I was hoping I might be able to find something in the meantime. I am located a little north of Cincinnati, but am flexible with location and have reliable transportation and availability, so any opportunities would work for me. Thank you! -Michael
  11. Got my interview date today as well for 8/13!
  12. Would you mind sharing your stats?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. New Grad PA offer: A outpatient position (specialty) in the Northwest area. A decent 1 bedroom apartment in that area is about $1,000/mo. Schedule: 8-5pm M-F, 16-18 patients daily. I would start taking calls on Saturdays after 1 year (the APP who currently works there said I would get paid extra for that, not sure how much) Base salary = $100, 900 5k sign-on bonus, 5k relocation assistance, 2k for CME, 30 days vacation (including holidays), 5 sick days, 12weeks maternity leave, 8 weeks training, $25/mo for local gym membership, malpractice is covered and licensing fees are reimbursed. Site is qualified for loan repayment (e.g. NHSC) OR Clinic loan repayment: $20,000 begin receiving payments in year 2-6 (so $4000/yr). No commitment required. 401k matching starts after 1 year. I would be paying $100/mo for medical, dental, vision and identity theft What I like about this job is that I would have a lot of autonomy and I like the specialty. There is no contract just an offer letter to be signed. They are trustworthy. But, for the hours that I will be working, the salary seems really low. I know things are now more difficult because of covid, let me know what you think
  14. Congrats!!!! That’s so awesome! I got my finger prints done on July 20th, interviewed on July 23rd and haven’t heard anything. Do you think it’s too early to email and ask? Lol
  15. Thanks! The interview will take place on 08/31.
  16. A question for those that have interviewed. Did you interview begin at the time stated on the email? How long was the whole thing including the information session after?
  17. Yesterday
  18. That's so great to hear! Yay!! Congratulations, and thank you SO much for the update!
  19. I got my interview date today, August 12. The problem is that I have another interview scheduled today. The other is scheduled for 9 AM and Arcadia's is scheduled at 1:15.
  20. I am applying for 2021-22 cycle. I graduated recently and don't have any formal work experience. I am tired of applying to jobs, cold-calling clinics and hospitals for jobs. I even offered to work for free. I am licensed (EKG, and phleb) then also I am getting rejected. Nobody wants to hire anymore, they don't even need free services. I am a person of color, I hope that is not the reason.
  21. Congratulations! So they are not virtual. OMG! It will be expensive to travel at this time.
  22. @AjeBaje I received an interview invite and it is an in person interview.
  23. Don't worry if you did not receive an invite yet! Last year, I applied at the end of June and did not get an interview invite for East Falls campus until February! I think that they have an alternate interview list which they use if they need to interview more people than anticipated. Also, center city usually starts inviting for interviews at the end of August
  24. Got an email August 7th stating my application was received.
  25. I’m not sure if they’re on rolling admissions or not, but the website says they don’t start interviews until October.
  26. congratulations! mind sharing stats and when you submitted?
  27. My fingerprints still said incomplete after a couple weeks so I emailed Amanda and she said they had all my results and I got accepted on Wednesday despite my Castlebranch still saying incomplete. Hope this helps!
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