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  2. If you are service connected then look into Vocational Rehabilitation. I used all of my GI bill benefits in undergrad too. Qualified for Voc Rehab and they are paying for PA school in its entirety, plus housing stipend. Go to eBenefits, then request an appointment for Voc Rehab. It may change your life. Had a classmate (started PA school with Loans), looked into Voc rehab after starting PA school, qualified, and Voc rehab payed all his previous loans.
  3. Send me $10,000.00 in unmarked twenties, and I'll take care of things for you. I know some people who know some people. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
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  5. The patient is still producing some thyroid hormone. I would start low and go slow. Maybe 25 or 50 and retest in 6 weeks. I had a radioactive ablation for Graves (which doesn’t necessarily wipe out all thyroid function; didn’t in my case) and that’s more or less what my endocrinologist did. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Newly diagnosed Pt. with TSH of 8.4 and 112 kg. What dose would you start patient? Would you use formula 1.6 x kg and start at dose just below?
  7. I think it's an easy question to deal with. "I am not tied down to a particular area and am willing to relocate for a great position."
  8. Indeed. And learn to use spacing to make posts easier to read in logical order. For stats, bullet points might also be effective.
  9. Hi could I use your study guides, please? rward@uams.edu Thank you!
  10. ... and we have reached the point where aggressive ignorance, if real, is indistinguishable from trolling. Bye.
  11. Thank you for your response. I am not looking to relocate, but open to it. I am looking jobs in my home state as well as other states. I have not had much luck at home. There about 3 PA schools within close proximity. Thanks for you advise, I will keep an open mind. Its funny that only like psych. I am open to anything but psych. I have a lot of respect for psych providers because I don't think I can do exclusively psych.
  12. Take a breath and apply. Assuming your LORs and personal statement are good, you should get a serious look from many programs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you so much for you thorough and thoughtful response. You are right about lack of connections. That is exactly my situation. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. What you said "the sadness of not finding work surely bled through during my interviews". I can definitely relate to that. In fact when I first wrote this post I was getting depressed. You and other people on this post lifted me up. I had a really good interview today that was just short of making an offer, and I have one more tomorrow. Thanks again.
  14. Yes, stating point blank "and I won't change my mind about that" regarding an ignorant opinion makes you sound stupid. Saying you aren't interested in nursing/NP because its women's work is misogynistic. And no, there aren't. Your original post has zero reactions, positive or negative. Your nurse post has 7 negative, because people on this forum have a view of gender roles that goes beyond 1950. I thought you were off to seek advice from people in the real world...
  15. Stupidity? Having an opinion makes you stupid? Misogyny? I love women, how dare you accuse me of that? No, there were negative reactions to my original post. I saw them.
  16. No, those negative reactions didn't come before you even posted that. We can all see there are 7 downvotes on that specific post. To your confusion, there's a difference between having a tangible reason nursing isn't a good fit for you and dismissing all nurses and NPs (your potential future colleagues) as doing women's work. Saying you won't change your mind about that reeks of stubborn stupidity. And you got an extremely helpful response to your original post - it essentially sums up all the advice anyone else would give. If you want more advice, act like you want it and pipe down with the misogyny.
  17. Anyone know what minimum passing score is for 2019 PANRE?
  18. Just accepted a new position, FQHC, good CEO/managers, 5 years of rural family medicine experience, HSPA score 24, they offer loan repayment, but I already have it via NHSC (will transfer it), very very low COL, base $100,000 (which on the higher end in my area) + production bonus, insurance paid for 100% for myself, 4 weeks vacation, 1 week CME, 1 personal day, 8 holidays, paid occurrence malpractice, retirement of $3,000/year (even if I do not put anything in), $2,500 for CME/licenses, and 10K bonus.
  19. @EmPA26 Thank you!! That’s super helpful! @BaxLN From my limited experience browsing the NICU topics in the forum lol - it seems like the NICU PA residencies help to make you a more competitive job seeker. Correct me if I’m wrong, though!
  20. I enjoyed your introduction paragraph. It helped me learn more about you, your experience with your mission trip, and gave me a little bit of insight about why you chose PA. In the second paragraph, at the end you should talk about what you learned while interviewing PAs and what you learned about PA as a career when you took that course. What stuck out about the career versus all of the others. Third paragraph put patient care technician (PCT) as you abbreviated as such in the rest of your personal statement. Seems like you learned a lot during your experience with Amy but I also think you can make this paragraph more concise and flow a little better. Maybe tie this experience with how becoming a PA would satisfy your values and commitment to help others. Overall, its a decent personal statement but it could use a little work. Your intro was strong but I felt like my eyes started to wander towards the end.
  21. When I try to register for an account, it says my information doesn't match up but I called her and it all matched their records so she said she'd have IT fix that for me too. Also, do any of you that have been accepted want to start a Facebook group or GroupMe? I'm ready to start meeting people!
  22. I called today for a different reason and Ms. Powers said they were having a meeting with IT to smooth things out so hopefully itll happen soon. I was able to get an email address though after registering for an account
  23. The "PA Profession" is nothing but a cash cow for ALL universities /colleges and has been for over 20 years! When was the last time anyone saw an advertisement for PA School in the New York Times Sunday Classified education section??? Degree and cash creep are what it's all about folks!!
  24. Does anyone know if the admissions department will review your application with you if you were placed on the alt list? Thanks in advance!
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