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  2. The next review is in March 2021
  3. I keep getting emails from PCOM advertising their school in general and it’s such a tease when I see their name pop up in my email! Hoping we hear about interviews soon!
  4. A I don’t think so. I also paid for my supplemental as well. But, I have not heard anything either.
  5. Would anyone be interested in starting a groupme for everyone accepted in here?
  6. @alikuz have you tried to contact cornell about the decision timeline?
  7. Pqyourpa, When I interviewed last year they did not tell us how many seats were still open. I can’t say enough about the program and how much they truly care about the students too.
  8. Hi! I thought I'd chime in, because it seems like you and I have very similar backgrounds. I am a first cycle applicant, recently accepted. I also have worked most of my career with underserved populations (refugees/immigrants, drug users, people living with HIV, homeless individuals, etc), and I focused my personal statement on this. I think that your experience will really set you apart from the crowd. You've got a fair amount of shadowing hours, so that's good! Your GRE is on the lower end (mine was as well), however, your writing score is good. I think the only thing that might trip you up are the GPAs. Were there any subjects that you particularly struggled with? It might be useful to address those head on in your application. Best of luck!
  9. Anyone who put center city as their preference in the east falls application receive an interview? Worried that putting center city as my preference might hurt my chances.
  10. Forget working in the ER - how can any person with this much hatred and bigotry function in a service profession? Working in the ER didn't DO THIS to this guy - this is him - his ingrained set of beliefs that he freely spews. These jackwads exist in every walk of life. Keeping them from ruining our profession or putting out bad press is a constant fight. If you can't treat a human being as a human being - don't go into medicine - at all. If you act like this - buh bye - so long - no more license for you. Tired of idiocy
  11. I just got the call- I’m in! Interviewed on 8/20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. BA in Political Communication cGPA: 3.60 sGPA: 3.65 PCE: 3,200 as an MA for an ENT, 1,080 as an ER scribe HCE: 2,560 as a patient coordinator at a cosmetic surgeon's office Volunteer: ~200 in hospice and at a food bank (I don't remember the exact number) Shadowing: 64 (16 ER PA, 16 IM PA, 42 ENT PA) LOR: ENT PA, ENT office manager, ER physician
  13. I haven’t heard anything back yet either, and I interviewed August 1st. I’m hoping to hear something soon because waiting is driving me crazy, good luck everyone!
  14. Thank you. I literally just received mines as well!
  15. It's actually a good question. 1. The job market especially in large cities is not great and places like MinuteClinic hire new grads, pay low, but the brain power involved is exceedingly low. Some people want that. 2. Jobs like this can help transition from one job to another. They are easy to get into and easy to get out of. Last I heard at MC you only had to give two weeks notice lol. 3. The medicine is spoon fed to you. It's almost impossible to get in trouble at a place like that unless you ignore their protocols. 4. You work alone. All day long. Which has its own appeal. IMO the downsides far outweighs the good, but you can't argue with the numbers. They are the #1 employer of AP's in the country.
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  17. Hi! I think I got my follow-up email maybe two weeks or so after the initial invitation, so I wouldn't worry about it. Also, good luck!
  18. same here! I know their probation has been extended I assume they will be expecting a visit soon.
  19. I submitted and was verified 6/20/19. Received the same confirmation email as above ^ on 6/20/19 as well. Haven't heard anything else since
  20. Nope. Nothing for me yet and every call is killing me too haha. I interviewed Aug. 2nd. hopefully we get calls soon!
  21. There are 3 interview dates, all are Friday's in September from what I understand.
  22. Yeah same here. I’m a bit anxious guys!
  23. I was told that I did not meet the requirements for A/P. I then got a email back with a link to upload my syllabus for the courses. Everything worked out. It did take some time for them to get back to me (few days). Of the schools that I applied to, this program seems to be the only one having this problem regularly.
  24. Hi guys, I have not heard from any of the campuses I applied to yet. When you guys received an invitation was it via email or mail. Just a little anxious! Thanks
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