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  2. Does anyone know if there are any discrepancies in the standards they use to evaluate a traditional PA program app vs. the PA/MPH program? As in, would I be hurting my chances of being a PA student if I apply to the dual program since my application would have to go through both the PA admissions board and the PH admissions board vs. just the PA with the traditional route? Do they have different viewpoints towards students applying to the dual program vs. the traditional one in that they realize it's more difficult to do a double masters so they look at the app a little more softly? Or that they have to be a bit more selective picking the perfect PA class for the traditional route since there is probably a larger number of applicants for the traditional program? Any tips/thoughts/previous experiences, anyone?
  3. Practice tests, practice tests and PRACTICE TESTS. I cannot stress that enough. Practice tests helped me immensely when I was studying for the GRE, I also used magoosh to study.
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  5. For example, Henry Ford Health System posted 10 new PA jobs in the last five days.
  6. where in michigan? You might be doing something very wrong because there are plenty of jobs downstate. All of the major hospitals and systems are hiring. In the rural areas it is spottier. You can usually pick two out of three.......location, specialty, or salary, but usually not three out of three straight out. Don’t be afraid to take a lesser salary to get started after this length of time because the longer you wait, the longer you will be in competition with newer grads. Be sure to get your license, DEA, certification, and ACLS etc done prior. Have an experienced PA review your application materials. Hard to be more specific without knowing more info.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a PA graduate 2018, unable to find a job in the Michigan..Ive applied out of state too and got one offer but it sounds really bad for the COL and salary, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Its starting to get really disheartening. I havent been picky, I apply for anything but nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you!
  8. Do as many practice tests as you can and make sure you time yourself.
  9. Normal rbc / microliter are ~5 million. There are issues with a white count at 500k, but patients can be relatively ok or nearly dead.
  10. I’ll be graduating early next August and taking the PANCE by the end of August. Hypothetically, if I have a job secured sometime during rotations, how long does it usually take to get licensure and credentialing done and start the job full time? I realize credentialing depends on the employer.
  11. I'm currently studying for the GRE which im taking in 2.5 weeks. I've been using magoosh book and ETS website but still feel unprepared. My goal is to make over 310 or higher to hopefully offset my average GPA. For those who have taken it, what are some of your tips? Especially for the verbal section and memorizing definitions? Thank you!
  12. @hbanninger Thank you so much for your input, it's really helpful to hear from a mom who went through school with an infant! I know she won't really miss me, and that's why I prefer to just go through it now. But I feel badly for myself that I'll be missing out on her baby years. But I'm really glad to hear that you were able to at least spend the evening with your baby! Also reassuring to hear that you didn't need to spend the entire weekend studying. Unfortunately, there's only two others in my class with children, and theirs are older. @Zoeyw Thank you for your words of encouragement! If not for my husband I honestly would not be going through with this. What'll I need to work on is enjoying the little time I'll have with my baby and not be thinking the whole time about the time I don't have
  13. Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)-last 40 credit hours but prereqs must be mostly As, with B- as the minimum grade for prereqs.
  14. I submitted my application in early July last year and still received interviews. You should be fine! But do keep a lookout for certain schools you are applying to because some may start in the summer and their deadline is a lot earlier than most programs.
  15. I emailed regarding the CASPer issue, too. I took the CASPer test already, but Wake Forest was not listed as a recipient to send scores to. I haven't heart back yet but I will let everyone know!
  16. @Beata UCD does things a bit differently. You should be hearing back for an interview in late September. It’s only after the interview whether admissions will decide to take you to the next step, which would be to submit the supplemental application. You should hear back for the supplemental application in early November!
  17. I noticed that too. I did not complete CASPer, and was going with it is invite only after submitting CASPA and the supplemental. Please let us know if you they respond! I'm still waiting on receiving the supplemental.
  18. Has anyone on here taken an online micro class with a virtual lab? I live in Hawaii and they have strict rules about importing microbes. Thanks!
  19. I submitted mine 05/24 and it got verified later that day.
  20. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! I submitted my application 05/25 and it got verified later that day.
  21. I submitted mine 05/25 at 1pm and it was verified later that day.
  22. Yeah my verbal was 156. But my science GPA is 3.12. I was a psych major doing only the prereqs and ended up failing Orgo which really dropped my science GPA. I submitted my app already but I guess if my science gpa is too low oh well lol. Thanks for your input!
  23. Good morning, I'm a senior student majoring in Biology and Psychology at FIU Current GPA 4.0 (I will graduate with both Bachelor degrees). My current science GPA in MDC is 3.9. I'm also a certified Phlebotomist technician and BLS-CPR & AED certified. Still, in order to submit a competitive PA application, I need shadowing experience with a PA, MD, DO or NP. I'm currently living in Broward County, so I'm willing to travel to West Palm or Miami-Dade if required. If I'm selected for a shadowing opportunity, you can expect my full commitment and dedication to the position. Any opportunity will be greatly appreciated. Please kindly reach out to my email: jbarr306@fiu.edu Thank you, Jorge "As a Miami Dade College physician assistant applicant, 50 hours of clinical and/or shadowing experience is highly recommended for all applicants without any healthcare experience."
  24. Yes that is the series I have. Thank you for the advice, I will include them.
  25. Same here - verified 5/15 and invite yet. I did email them today regarding the fact that in one place on their site it states that CASPer invitation will be sent after CASPA and supplemental applications are reviewed by the program, and on another page, it says CASPer must be completed in order for CASPA application to be reviewed. Has everyone completed CASPer before submitting CASPA?
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