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  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for all of the advice. Is it true that after the interview only a couple of people are offered acceptance and the rest aren’t notified until September?
  3. Second Year applying, but First Year applying to MEDEX. Submitted CASPA and supplemental on June 2 and verified on June 3. Got an email from MEDEX on June 14 that my application meets criteria and its been moved forward to full faculty review process. And noooooow we wait! First Choice is Seattle, Second was Spokane.
  4. Also just heard I am on the alternate list! Does anyone know if alternates are taken from the list often or is it rare?
  5. So this is a medical question that is squarely based off a patient I see. Patient is a relatively new patient to my practice - uncontrolled DMII with history of bilateral great toe amputation due to chronic infections. While his A1c has not yet become normal, we have made significant progress. Started at 13.2 and 1 month later was 10.8 (I know A1c is a 3 month test, but I like to give patients hard data showing improvement), so again...significant progress has been made in a short time. Unfortunately he came to me with a plantar 1st MTP joint ulcer. He was urgently referred to wound care and ultrasound and followup MRI were done to rule out deep abscess and/or osteomyelitis. He was recently discharged from wound care stating the ulcer had healed...but they did no imaging to confirm anything was deep to the superficial callous formation at ulcer site. Patient continued to be tender to palpation at location. Now, I am NOT a wound care specialist, but feel this patient should have had an ultrasound to confirm complete resolution...both superficial and deep. Am I correct or is this considered unnecessary? Not that it necessarily changes anything, but patient developed a draining lesion with streaking cellulitis lateral aspect of same lower extremity approximately 5cm inferior to knee. From my experience I am extremely worried the patient's infection was never fully cleared and has now spread putting him at risk for BKA. Labs, imaging, and antibiotics started...but needless to say I'm frustrated.
  6. As a new grad my best offer was from emailing previous preceptors - doc called HR, they had just gotten a resignation notice but hadn't posted an ad yet. I think if I had to compete with all of the other applicants, I prob wouldn't have gotten it!
  7. Just got an email that I’m placed on the alternate list!
  8. Thank you for this. I have wondered. I attended an open house (Lipscomb in TN) and quickly realized that the older adults were all parents, not prospective students. Some one asked the current cohort's age range (23 to 34) and the response included remarks on how the older students seem to be a calming influence on the younger ones. True, perhaps, but I cringed a bit. I'm applying next year for the 2021 start dates and I'm 36 now - think that would make me 41 when I graduate. You're never too old! There are stories out there about 58 year olds graduating from _________________! I too, am signed up for A&P - took it in 2008/9 because I wanted to but the rest of my B.S. is from 2005. I'm studying on my own, completing strategic retakes and adding new ones - Pathophys in '16, Medical Micro this fall. Keep moving forward! Congratulations!
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  10. I believe they do want you to include every attempt to see improvement and such. I also got the email about getting through the first review and now going on to the faculty review. I was wondering if anyone knows what that means exactly? Such as if the GPA requirement was met or what that first review consisted of.
  11. I got two separate emails about the initial screening and completion.
  12. Interviewing July 24th! Good luck everyone!
  13. Hi All I hadn’t seen a thread for this school yet. I submitted my app June 9th and got an email from the program June 11th saying my app has been verified and received. Any word on interviews ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The obstacles you're facing with the GRE is a taste of the things you'll be dealing with in some of the subjects during PA school, over and over again. Because the material pertains to a career that you are "passionate" about will not make it easier to learn (i.e. Pharmacology). You're going to be learning about a 100 medications for each exam when you're only going to be using 10 of them. It sucks. The GRE is just a very tiny hurdle in this whole crazy process. What I have been hearing though, is that eventually the GRE will be replaced with a more science-based exam like the MCAT but for PA schools. It's only what I've heard so far from some of the faculty. I wish you luck.
  15. Submitted May 25th and just found this post, good luck!
  16. Sounds to me like these NPs do not know how to negotiate. I make $150/hr at my 1099 job in this area.
  17. Every new PA program gets Provisional status for 5 years starting from the first matriculating class before moving on to other accreditation statuses. I wouldn’t worry about that. Look at the PANCE pass rates to get a good idea of how much the program prepares its students.
  18. Wow! Everyone is getting interviews already? I just submitted my application! Hoping to hear back soon (fingers crossed)!!! Good luck everyone
  19. Hey I have a few questions for you. I do not know how to direct messages someone on the forum. Here is my email jasmineisaac95@gmail.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I am a reapplicant from 2017 cycle, did not have an interview to USA last round though. Verified 06/17/2019!
  21. LOL Yes to everything in this post. Can I get an Amen!
  22. Its true. You just need thick skin. The 400 pound diabetic who can't pass the exam will cry poor about how this is how he pays his bills and try to make it all your fault because they aren't doing what they are supposed to do. I have had them threaten me and even threaten my life which just generated a police report in addition to their other issues.
  23. I meant no disrespect. My point is that, even if -- someday -- a large percentage of programs won't require the GRE, about 2/3rds of them apparently still do this year, which is presumably when you are applying. Your approach is puzzling to this old dog, but I wish you the best of luck in finding a beautiful destination.
  24. Meh, DOT physicals are fine if you set expectations right up front, don't be a jerk about it, and don't mind unhappy patients. I would MUCH rather do DOT physicals in a practice with a management team that backs me up than in corporate drone medicine ("Your DOT patient satisfaction scores are too low. We've scheduled you for reeducation")
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