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    • 320 gre??! God Bless you!!  Is your science gpa your actual science gpa, or pre-req gpa for the program? I honestly think you will get in with flying colors hopefully!    
    • It depends on when your schools of interest cycles end. If there are at least a few months left, I’d go for it and take the GRE. Not all schools have rolling admissions. Where I teach, our application period opened months ago but we don’t start looking at applications until the fall.

      Good luck!

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    • I work in the local jail 200-300 adult inmates lots of interesting folks   we are one of 300 triple certificate facilities in the entire country (out of about 4500 facilities)   The struggles are real - having to fit in a secure environment is tough at times, security runs all. Slowly they are realizing that medical goes through me (Medical Director just does supervision no patient contact) and after almost 4 years it is coming around. Not for the new grad, not for someone that can't take an order,    BUT the pluses - they let me practice the way I want (I follow the formulary, have the lowest pharmacy expense in state, and am okay telling the inmates "no" for stupid things)  I can refer out when needed but manage A LOT of stuff with out - never do I send out for simple proteinuria and htn, manage almost all DM - (have sent one out in 4 years), manage a lot of ortho myself (amazing what time and rest heals) and most of the pulm (only end stage COPD'ers go out - NOT a new grad setting.... Retirement vests in 10 years and I am a group group 2 (direct care and custody of inmates) and therefor get an extra 5 years of service added onto my time.  I have 4 years of military time I am buying back as well I am on call 24x7x345 (vacation sucks at 2 weeks, going to 3 at 4.5 years) and at times the call is nothing, other times it is tough   BUT I have a 20 hr commitment, work 3 days, and get paid as a physician (not salary, hourly and they hound me on my hours - which is fine cause I hate working for free and I function EXACTLY as the doc - I run the show)   So after 12 years (vest at 1/2 time for 20 hours per week, but 4 years military buy back and 10 years to vest) I am pension eligible and will have credit for 15 years - by my calculations I will get just over 30k/year from pension at that time.  Plus supplemental insurance till I die (or full insurance if age <65)   So my 1.5-2m in savings, and 32k per year, with free insurance is worth it (I think....)     ***I have heard horror stories about jobs in BOP or other state systems so make sure you know what you are getting into for facility. Also - VA pay sucks so don't bother
    • Joel,  401 match of up to 7%???  You must be young and don't realize how much money that could be when you retire not to mention 4 day work week.  Put crazy glue on your but and stay there!!

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