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CALIFORNIA: Marhall B. Ketchum University

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    • I just received an interview invite for September 14th!! Anyone else attending that date? I'm a reapplicant- didn't receive any interviews last year. My overall GPA was a bit on the lower end, and I've been taking a lot of classes to boost my GPA. 
    • @gotPA CONGRATS! I’m still waiting to receive an email about the deposit too
    • The firewall struggle is real. Do your interview in a place where you have previously successfully used Adobe Connect. If you've used Adobe Connect before for info sessions, practice setting up your audio line and getting your webcam going. If you've never used Adobe Connect before, get familiar with it before your interview. Be prepared and good to go a solid 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. I recommend a well-lit, private, quiet place.
    • HI 😀 I am a current UEPA student! If you guys have any questions let me know! The interview is a true MMI. Just be yourself and follow the prompts and you will do great! 
    • I received my acceptance call on Friday morning, I am more than stoked!! Has anyone who has been accepted received an email regarding the seat deposit yet?

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