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    • I am down to give ya a ride to campus on interview day and then take you back where you need to on the way back from the interview. It'll be difficult to get a rental and make it on time to campus I think. You just let me know, its a non-issue 😄
    • I was supposed to be in Altoona on Oct 10, but now I have another interview on Oct 11 at Thomas Jefferson University in NJ.  I will be in Altoona on Oct 11, but I won’t get in until 9:00pm! I’m down to meet up after to see where we are going for the interview. I’m a little worried because by the time I get into Altoona I won’t have time to rent a car, so I’m hoping to Uber to campus as soon as I get there! Hopefully someone is able to meet up with me, so that I know where I’m going! Lol 🙈
    • Hey Everyone, I just booked all of my travel!!!! I am so excited 😄 I am actually flying in from out of the country for the interview lol. I will be flying in to Pittsburgh then flying to Altoona via Southern Airways. Renting a car for a few days. If any of you are planning on meeting up, I will be in Altoona on October 10. October 12 is around the corner. Best wishes everyone, AB 
    • check out emcrit.org site and look for internet book of critical care posts. So far they have covered GI bleed, troponin testing in noncardiac critical illness and DKA. Excellent, concise treatment protocol. Chapters will be added on an ongoing basis. Emcrit.org is an excellent site overall with EM and ICU concentration. Bill
    • This afternoon I received an invitation to interview for the 28th/29th session! Looking forward to meeting some of you next weekend! 

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