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INDIANA: Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

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    • Just got invited to interview 8/8
    • I hope so too! That seems frustrating. It's not the vibe I got from this program though, moreso open to anyone who has a high enough file score. Good luck to ya
    • @Fizzassist I will be interviewing August 2nd as well! I'm very interested to learn more about this new program, it's hard to find much information about it online. @BrockMoxie CMU contacted me via email
    • Hi everyone! Check out the link below to learn more about a unique and integral part of the PSU program, https://pennstatemedicine.org/2017/05/10/team-based-learning-sets-college-of-medicine-physician-assistant-program-apart/
    • So when I input the dates that I attended the school I received my bachelors at, it doesn’t not allow me to put the end date after the date I received my degree. For example, I received my degree in August, but continued to take a couple classes as non degree seeking through April, but it won’t let me put the attended dates past August since that’s when I earned my degree. Did anyone else have this issue/situation? I don’t want to look as if I’m providing false information because it won’t allow me. Just wanted to reach out here before contacting the program. Thanks! 

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