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    • No I'm keeping my RT license and will fight this but my lawyer said its most likely be probation at WORST but regardless ill have disciplinary action on my license that ill need to disclose to the board.  right I know it doesn't seem like a huge office, but the language the used on the accusation is extremely nerve racking; "gross negligence, falsifying patient records, pattern of substandard care" it just gives me so much paranoia! Also, the incident occurred in 2016 but was reported one year later now in 2017. I will probably apply for my license in 2020 so I'm not sure if the board looks at this as a recent offense or is 4 years a long time?   I spoke to the PA board and they seem very reasonable and even said they give licenses to people who have DUIs within the last 5 years but on a probation basis. obviously the PA board cant give me any answers on my case since I'm not applying. I really don't think my situation was as bad as a DUI but it just sucks I have to start my career like this.    thanks   
    • I just received the invitation to interview via email today! However, I have to reschedule bc I will be out of state the day they had invited me to interview.  The interview days are Oct 13 & 14 and Oct 20 & 21.
    • Thank you for updating all of us! :) 
    • I am flying in midday on 11/7 too.  Let’s meet up the night before for dinner or check out the campus.   Eamaru16 is interviewing that day too and wants to meet up as well.  Let me know what works for you?    Kylie
    • You spoke with him today? This is all so nerve-wracking.