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    • The firewall struggle is real. Do your interview in a place where you have previously successfully used Adobe Connect. If you've used Adobe Connect before for info sessions, practice setting up your audio line and getting your webcam going. If you've never used Adobe Connect before, get familiar with it before your interview. Be prepared and good to go a solid 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. I recommend a well-lit, private, quiet place.
    • HI 😀 I am a current UEPA student! If you guys have any questions let me know! The interview is a true MMI. Just be yourself and follow the prompts and you will do great! 
    • I received my acceptance call on Friday morning, I am more than stoked!! Has anyone who has been accepted received an email regarding the seat deposit yet?
    • Hasn’t anyone received a formal rejection letter or any communication post-interview? I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear *anything* from the program for 3 weeks and wanted to know if anyone else was in the same boat.
    • I am a first year applicant after taking a year to take classes to raise my GPA and prove that I have the capacity to perform at a level higher than represented by my cumulative GPA. I currently work in as an ER Tech in a rural emergency room (Healthcare Provider Shortage Area) and am active in volunteering in my local community. I am curious if taking a position outside of the PCE field would be a detriment to the long path ahead of me in becoming a PA. I was curious if I had or would be approaching a point where my PCE is high enough where additional hours would be negligible. My stats are as follows and I continue to take classes to improve my GPA's and prepare me for my future as a PA. I am aware the road will likely be long and appreciate any assistance you can provide into steps you think would be beneficial to my future aspirations in becoming a PA. All stats and figures below are at time of application submission in early June. Since this time I have taken additional classes, continued to work in the emergency room, and responded to 3 natural disaster incidents (Search and Rescue as well as Repair for those impacted) for an additional 200 hours of community service.   PCE: 5,886 Hours at time of Application ED Tech- 3410 EMT E-911 3410 Chicago- 2288, Medical Bay Captain Marathon- 44 Hours, EMT Major Music Festival and Events 144 Hours HCE: 360 AHA CPR Instructor (Physicians, Nurses, First Responders, and Police) 120, EMT-B Instructor 240 Shadowing: 548 448 Hours Shadowing PA's (Ortho, ED, FP, and Hospital Med.) My hospital allows me to shadow (8 hours) weekly as part of my compensation. 100 Hours MD. (ED, Gen Surg, Ortho, Infectious Disease) Volunteering: 3500 Hours 2000 Volunteering local youth center tutoring and mentoring low income families 1500 Teaching Health education to high risk high school freshman in Chicago. Cum. GPA: 3.09 Science GPA: 3.03 Last 60: 3.91 Pre-req Classes: Biology 1- A , Biology 2-A, Genetics- B,MicroBio- B, A&P 1 B, A&P 2 w/ Honors A, Chem 1- B, Chem 2-B, Orgo 1- A, Stats-B, Pysch- A, Med term A.  

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