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    • I was looking on a few PA web sites and all of them say Howard U is on probation, I went to Howard U school page and from what I saw, it look like the program will not be accepting any student for the next two years due to the probation status. I think they have only 2 student enroll in the program at this moment. If anyone knows what's going on can you full us in.
    • Hello all,  I am a current student in the Class of 2019 (1st year student) at UT Health. It feels like I was in your shoes yesterday. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message.  I will likely not check this thread again, but a direct message I will see eventually.   I was in the 1st round of interviews last year and it was in October; then another 2 rounds in November and December.  I received my acceptance via phone call and email 8 days after interviewing, but that can take longer so don't start to freak if you don't hear back in that time period.  I wish you all the best of luck!! -Casey
    • I will be at the interview session tomorrow. See you there!
    • I NEVER say "assistant". it is also on nothing that represents me. not on business cards, not on CV. not on scripts, etc Just say no to assistant. Hi, my name is emedpa, I'm one of the PAs here. what can I do for you today?
    • It's $123k if you adjust it to a 5 day/week salary. Certainly not terrible.