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    • Haha! Ayyy it’s ok! If it makes you feel any better, I had to pay an arm and a leg to redirect my flight lol and I’m from FL! 🤣 I will DM you!
    • "Best" is pretty subjective. Could you clarify on the things you're looking for?   Best is very subjective, I agree but that's why I want to know everyone's opinion to formulate my own opinion overall 🙂 Things that I am looking for: overall impression of didactic and clinical phase, unique resources/facilities that the locations, overall impression of the school, flexibility of the clinical and distance from the school, standard of living within the region, relationship with faculty and other students.   Essentially pro/con of the schools.
    • Listen,  GIven I am flying in from central america, I had to keep the costs down, staying at a Motel 6 LOOOL. Gets the job done. hahaha. I guess just PM me your number and we move on from there.  Regards 😄
    • That would be great! I’m staying at the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Altoona! Where are you staying? If you don’t mind my asking!
    • I am down to give ya a ride to campus on interview day and then take you back where you need to on the way back from the interview. It'll be difficult to get a rental and make it on time to campus I think. You just let me know, its a non-issue 😄

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