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    • I took an EP class that my employer offered a couple of years ago. I preferred it to the traditional recert for that purpose, but it sounds like you'll have already re-certified by the time the class comes around. In your shoes, I don't think I'd take it again. For anyone who uses ACLS with any frequency, there's only so much to be gained from sitting around and talking about it for a few hours.  
    • Downer - take it the ER didn't bother either then?  I worked in a place where we had a dual O2/CO sat monitor for stuff like that or for fire exposures and such.  We also had some on my last base for the submariners, since our boats are diesel. SK
    • I’m not in PA school yet but I can’t imagine going back to the iPad method. It was awful my freshmen year when I tried taking notes in notability. I was too prone to making mistakes which forced me to lag behind during class. Nothing like the good ol’ notebook and pencil or pen! I like seeing things in my own writing too. Plus I love drawing diagrams and figures.

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    • My work is offering it for free, but it's a day of my life, and it's not soon enough to avoid having to take the regular ACLS recert. Anyone take it and have thoughts, opinions or commentary on its value? Here's the AHA blurb for anyone who's interested: http://cpr.heart.org/AHAECC/CPRAndECC/Training/HealthcareProfessional/AdvancedCardiovascularLifeSupportACLS/UCM_473187_ACLS-for-EP.jsp
    • I don't think having our initials sound like NP is an issue. Medical Practitioner is the name that's most descriptive of what PAs are and do. NPs currently are way ahead on gaining independent practice (leading to them being preferentially hired in many areas and hospital systems), and our profession needs to get on the ball with this is well. While I don't like being lumped in with NPs, it unfortunately happens commonly in many health care settings anyway (as being APPs, or midlevels). Having initials that sound similar or completely different isn't going to change that, but having a name that is descriptive of what the profession actually has become will allow us to continue to grow into the future, and compete with NPs in the areas they are currently dominating.   Physician Associate works as well, but Medical Practitioner is better. Either way, it is only one small component of how the profession needs to change and evolve moving forward.