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  2. Hi II'm thinking about applying for this program but I'm worrying about them being a new program and not really finding a website and ways to communicate with them.
  3. I don't really comfortable speaking this frankly to my colleagues. None of my close friends or family are in the medical field so they don't truly understand. I am still a somewhat new PA and I am already considering a new career path. I went to PA school 2 years after graduating college, so I don't have any experience in any other fields besides healthcare. But I've been having serious thoughts about quitting my job and quitting the medical field altogether. A little background about me, I am in my late 20s and I have been a practicing PA for about 4 years. During this time I have been at the same practice, a specialty and internal medicine office. There are several physicians, but I am employed by one. I see patients in the clinic, in several acute care hospitals, and at nursing homes. Although I like the variety and the types of patients I see are very interesting to me, there are downsides to the job that just become more apparent every day. I work M-F 9-5 and 2 weekends per month. I have to take round at the hospitals and take calls on those 2 weekends, plus take calls 3 weekdays out of the week. I often work 3 weekends a month, and occasionally even 4 when my contract technically says 2. My supervising physician is retirement age and he refuses to retire and instead delegates more and more tasks to me. For example, sometimes if he is too tired / lazy he will tell the staff to just transfer patient appointments to my schedule. Patients are understandably upset when they made an appointment with the doctor they've known for years and get switched to the schedule of a PA they don't know. I feel like "as the PA", and an employee of the doctor, I pretty much get saddled with all the grunt work and undesirable tasks that he doesn't want to do. I know in other settings PAs are treated with a little more respect and not just given the busy work to do. There are some upsides, I do like my SP, we work well together, and I feel like I can honestly and freely discuss patients with him without judgment. I also know that he may retire in a few years so this job won't be permanent either. I don't know if getting a new job will help. I applied for two separate jobs that I did not get. One was a family practice M-F with no call/weekends and the other was an allergy practice M-F with no call/weekends. Getting rejected for both of those jobs really discouraged me and made me feel trapped at this job. It won't be easy to find a new position. I get frustrated with patients too. It just feels like there are so many patients who are med seeking. Some providers in my area were recently sentenced to prison time for overprescribing narcotics. They were reckless with their prescribing and I am quite careful, but the fact that jail time is in the realm of possibility for our profession constantly looms over my head. Patients also often want to be on disability when they clearly do not need to. There are so many patients wanting DMV disability placards and getting irate when I tell them they don't qualify. In addition, patients whose licenses get revoked want me to sign off on them being safe to drive when there was a clear reason the licenses were revoked. Again, I am on the receiving end of the brunt of their frustration and anger when I say they need a specialist clearance. There is just so much liability in our career field and so much stress involved. Liability is always there medically too. YOUR decision can affect whether a patient LIVES or DIES and it's so much stress that I have actually developed my own health issues secondary to the stress. I have had a patient stalk me and become obsessed with me. He wrote me unhinged letters and made many calls to the office describing my car, etc. We had to get the police involved and I considered filing a legal restraining order. I know this is possible in any profession, but it feels like healthcare can be personal and intimate and patients can get the wrong idea. I again contemplated quitting the profession at this time. I have looked into other careers such as being a pharmaceutical representative, working in research, being an accountant, ANYTHING other than this. I have contemplated quitting and just living off my savings until I figure it out. I have talked to some colleagues to an extent, many are much older and have been PAs longer than me. I sometimes question if I'm just being an entitled millennial who wants life-work balance early on in their career until I realize that it's not normal or common to work 24-25 days in a row. It's not normal to only get 4 days off a month (if that. Some days I would get 2 days off a month.) I actually finally told my SP I was considering leaving because I was too burnt out. He trivialized my concerns and said "Why are you burnt out? You're young. I have been doing this for 40 years." Which is true, but this wasn't the life I envisioned for myself. After talking, he did acknowledge my concerns, and he hired an NP who can help me with the workload and guaranteed that I will only have to work the 2 weekends a month as outlined in my contract and I did get a raise. (I still feel like I'm underpaid which is a whole separate story.) Sorry for the essay, I just really needed somewhere to air out my frustrations with other people in my career field. Thanks in advance for reading.
  4. anyone have interview on Thursday July 25th here?? im so nervous... where do yall plan on staying???
  5. 3.55 GPA 3.3 sGPA 3000 PCE hours as medical scribe and tech in ER 200-300 volunteer hours GRE 298 (I've never posted my stats before so I'm sorry if thats not a lot of information)
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  7. I was waitlisted on the June 13 and haven't heard anything since then.
  8. Verbal 155 (69th%) and Quant 150 (38th%). Not super awesome ha!
  9. Has anyone who received the verification email from Cornell on 6/22 received a supplemental?
  10. How long did it take for your CASPer scores to be delivered after you took the test?
  11. Received an offer to interview August 24th! I'd love to know how other interviews have gone!
  12. I submitted my CASPA on 5/6 and the supplemental on 6/1
  13. I am coming for that interview date as well and am staying st a nearby Airbnb!
  14. Thank you; I just received that email a couple days ago. Good luck to you.
  15. The contract doesn't say anything about liquidating damages or probationary period...
  16. I’m staying at the knights in. $50 and 13 minutes away from campus
  17. Usually if it says "without cause" this means you are no longer "at will". You must give 90 days notice before leaving or you are in breach of contract. Look for any "liquidating damages" for breaching contract. Also, look for a "probationary period", if this is a recent contract you may still be in one, and leaving soon could release you from any non-compete clauses, etc.
  18. The non compete prevents me from owing an urgent care clinic, taking employees or patients if i leave for 2 years after, within 10mi radius. None of which I'm concerned about
  19. Hey there. Not necessarily. When it comes to preferred sciences, it’s the science classes outside of the required classes for admission. Hope that answered your question!
  20. Did everyone use all 250 words for each response?
  21. I was waitlisted for an interview on June 16th and have not heard anything Would literally make me so happy if I got an interview but at this point, I think it's safe to assume that its unlikely we'll come off of it.
  22. I just put mine directly onto CASPA and nobody ever asked me a single question about it.
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