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  2. Just got an interview invite for August 13! Anyone else??
  3. Ok, gonna say this once: it's not being a PA that limits your time, it's your job and work ethic. Some people (see what I did there) work very long hours, that's on them. Some get the job done and are home in time to pick the kids up from school. Some are very organized. Some are not. It's not being a PA. It's the job. second, "even with all of the schooling"? Really? As someone who has worked a number jobs that did not require "all that schooling", trust me when I say the rewardingness is fairly proportional to the amount of schooling. Exceptions exist, of course, but BK required very little schooling, and that job wasn't rewarding at all. You realize that PAs do all sorts of things, right? Tell you what. Shadow a whole bunch, then tell us what you've found. You will learn it better. PS I get two days off a week. I work twelve hours a day.
  4. How did you guys balance significant others and/or family during an intense residency? I'm planning on applying to Arrowhead's Ob/Gyn residency when I graduate at the end of this year, but my main concern is the workload of 80 hours/week average with call. My boyfriend and I have been long-distance for just over two years now while I've been in school (dating 3.5 years total) and we'll only have been back living together for four months by the time I graduate (I arranged by non-core rotations to be back home). I'm worried about the idea of uprooting both our lives - especially him leaving a job he loves in a pretty specialized field and moving across the country to a city where we don't know anyone - when I will have to work constantly and barely see him... especially when we just got back to living in the same city after years. He's a really social guy who has very deeply established roots where we're from and I hate the idea of him sitting alone every other weekend because I have to work. I'm on my surgery rotation now working about 60 hours per week (5:30am-4:30pm with one 24-hour shift per week) and it's honestly not so bad. I don't think I'd personally have a hard time working those hours but I worry about him and about any divisions it may cause between us. What does the day-to-day look like on an 80-hours/week schedule?
  5. Hi all, I’m a health sciences major deciding between a minor in medical spanish or Pre-PA, and right now I want to pursue a graduate PA school. My first question is this, As a PA, do you all have time to focus on your spouses/kids? Second, is it a rewarding profession, even with all of the schooling? And third, how much time off do you all typically have?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm reaching out because I started my second Summer semester of PA school on academic probation with a 2.8 GPA. My first semester was very difficult, especially the infectious disease/cardio modules and adjusting to taking 30+ exams and the fast pace etc. When I started my summer semester, my program director and advisor told me that they believed in me and that they had seen students recover from GPAs that were worse than mine. Everything was going well initially, despite how intense everything was. I was even acing pharm and some patho and clin med exams. But then accelerated anatomy hit (my program has accelerated anatomy in the second half of the summer semester because the professor travels to China for the first half of every summer...) and it was so much worse. I was in 8+ hours of anatomy each week. I had 2 anatomy exam last week, cadaver and lecture, so that was half of my entire anatomy course taken in 1 week. I got an 80% on my Mon. cadaver lab exam but then I had an exam on Tues and 2 on Thurs... on Thurs, I took my anatomy lecture exam and failed it with a 64%. It was incredibly hard and I changed 11 correct answers, causing my grade to drop from an 81 to a 64 (I have always struggled really badly with test taking confidence and anxiety despite knowing the material). That anatomy exam shook my confidence SO badly that this week I failed a patho exam with a 66%. I had an 88% average in patho and was hoping I could pull it up to an A this past week with my exam but I went the other direction... to a 78. I met with my advisor and program director today and they said that I am very intelligent and that when they have conversations with me about the test material, they can tell that I really know it despite testing anxiety and changing answers etc. Although I did have the grades to pass this semester, I have almost 20 exams to take in the next 5 weeks that comprise 50% of my courses and I need to be at the TOP of my game to finish strong and do this. I can't do this with the mental/emotional state that I'm in. I obsess over grades constantly and it is consuming me. I told them I need to take this time to treat/manage my anxiety in order to excel and they recommended LOA. They said that I can come back in May to start my second semester again (my 2.8 gpa remains) with the second class. I have a balance of $9,000 I owe to the school that I need to pay in the next 9 months before I am allowed back. I'm assuming federal loans will go into a 6 month grace period and soon I can defer and re-apply for them when I return in May 2020. Does anyone in a similar situation (or you know someone in a similar situation) know anything about re-applying for loans after taking LOA, repaying current loans/payments owed to the school, or have any other advice for me? Help
  7. Hi everyone! I'll be at the July 22-23 interview as well and would love to meet up! Staying at the Four Points hotel but not getting in until Monday afternoon. If anyone is interested in dinner or a drink Monday evening I'd be down! Can't wait to meet you all!
  8. Hey all, happy to say I was invited for an inverview on 8/26. Anyone else? Application complete date was June 27.
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  10. Thanks! I completely rewrote my personal statement and I really feel that it was so much better than my essay from last year (and you always hear people say its the essay that gets you the interview). I was able to pull a lot of experiences from my job as a nurse aide/tech which I feel strengthened my essay a lot. Also, my previous essay focused on why I would be a good PA and my new one focused more on why I want to be a PA. As far as my application, I did not have any PCE last time and barely had any HCE so I really focused on getting more hours!
  11. I was offered an interview for July 26th! I'm super excited. anyone else?
  12. I was brought on to work with one surgeon who left abruptly after admin was trying to rework his contract. Now they have me sort of in limbo helping another surgeon while they scramble to hire someone else. About 90 physicians have left the hospital in the past 6 months due to admin. So from my perspective its not a stable work environment in the long run. But I could see it easily getting to the point where they push me out. Interestingly I don't have a contract. They didn't have contracts for PAs or NPs when I signed on but apparently are going to be transitioning us all to contracts this year. So basically I have only this promissory note and my original signed offer letter.
  13. Congratulations on making it! I still haven't heard anything so I'm assuming that's not a good thing.
  14. I'm going! So glad this Q&A is happening before the interview
  15. Received an interview invite for Aug 8 but will be declining. Hope this helps someone else’s!
  16. Interviewed 7/12/19 and just received an acceptance call today around 3 pm!
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  18. Hi! Kicking things off here since I didn't see a thread for this cycle. Type away..
  19. Hi, I received an interview for September 27! Does anybody know much about the school's new status following the Jefferson/Radford merge? Do any current students have any thoughts/opinions on this? I am slightly hesitant about the quality and organization of the new program.
  20. Greetings, applicants! I'm a class of 2020 student here, which means I'm super busy, but I can try to answer some questions y'all have when I drop in. Good luck everyone! I believe in getting all of the application mumbojumbo in as early as possible. For general pre-pa questions that you don't have answered on this forum, try searching www.reddit.com/r/prephysicianassistant/ , which has a great FAQ as well.
  21. If you truly believe that you are being pressured into doing bad medicine, you must decide on a course of action that protects you and your patients. I doubt the physician will change so you will have to chart a pathway that is best for you.
  22. Hey! I graduated with a psych BA and went back and took all of my classes at community colleges. I started PA school this week I don't want to discourage you from taking classes at CCs, there are certainly schools that straight up DO NOT take CC science prereqs, and some that make exceptions. I had taken a few (general psych, stats) at my 4 year school, but I took: Gen Bio 1& 2 Gen Chem 1&2 Anatomy and phys 1&2 Bio Chem Organic Chem Med Term All at a community college. If I were you, and if it is an option, I would take the lower level courses at a CC, and the upper levels at a 4 year. But it is doable! I remember reading posts like this, and lots of warning posts, and I did it anyway. It worked out. Just be ready to be flexible on where you're going to apply!
  23. Sure, you can fax any additional documentation to 973-275-4868, or you can scan and email to joann.codella@shu.edu.
  24. Run. If it's bad medicine, it's bad to be around.
  25. Hi. They will likely send the first wave out at the end of this month for the late August interview date. My information is coming from the past forum pages. Hope this helps.
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