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  2. I haven’t seen anything on YPAO’s website about recent coursework (like past 50-60hours type thing) taking precedence over the overall CASPA GPA. I’m sure they strongly value upward trends, but sometimes hard cut offs are what they are. That said, you can always reach out to your admin counselor. Hope that’s helpful and best of luck!
  3. Did you download the application and look at all of the GPAs listed? I went to several schools and then did some pre req's a decade later, so my GPA came out a little different than I thought it would (and they separate out all the different categories of GPAs). I dont know if that's helpful, but those GPAs will include all coursework- not just the bachelor's. If those numbers still don't meet the requirement then the application will likely get filtered out before reading essays etc. Best of luck!! I know it's a ton of work
  4. Me too! I got mine earlier this week. I joined the fb group as well
  5. Thank you for your response. They confirmed that they received my application but I have not heard back. So I was wondering do they take into account recent coursework and/or other attributes?
  6. Also received an interview invite for 6/29 and 6/30! Anyone have insight on format of interview? Also this will be my first interview so any tips are more than welcome!!
  7. Sadly, if your GPA doesn’t meet the requirement I am pretty sure CASPA doesn’t even send your application in. So I wouldn’t waste your money applying because Yale (or any school) won’t see your application at all unless you meet all requirements. I think that’s what you are asking, but sorry if I misunderstood the question! I know there are a lot of other schools who have different requirements so I am sure you will find something!!!
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  9. The DEA has been directed by various courts to alter this because there is no justification for retaining marijuana on Schedule I. Schedule I substances have no medicinal use; marijuana has been demonstrated in the medical literature to have plenty, for example the promotion of appetite in cancer patients. So an argument from authority would be more compelling if that authority were actually doing its job, which the DEA clearly is not in this case.
  10. Does anyone know if they look at most recent coursework, if CASPA gpa is below requirement?
  11. Thank you for writing this up to comfort all of us who are anxiously waiting. I truly appreciate it!. I know it's hard to say "don't think about it" and actually taking our minds off this, but I know everyone here worked so hard to get where we are and is so deserving a seat with the program. I truly believe that if one door closes, another door will open for you. I decided to stay away from doing manic research online about the logic of acceptance calls from Yale or obsessing over new posts on the forum. Take a breath and enjoy the weekends (especially those who are celebrating father's
  12. Thank you! I haven't heard anything aside from the initial confirmation that they received and are reviewing my application.
  13. Anyone receive confirmation that they received your application yet?
  14. Has anyone received the supplemental application or verification that they received your application yet?
  15. Does anyone know if TJ re-calculates GPA? Thanks so much!
  16. Me too. I submitted on the 7th and I haven't heard anything. Really getting me down.
  17. OK: I'm old! And I had a mustache for almost 30 years, until it got gray before my hair did so I shaved it off. It was a disorienting day for my kids -- then in their 20s -- who had never seen me without it. That said, I have to wonder: if someone is concerned enough about their interview appearance that they are considering shaving but then they don't, does that mean that their mustache was more important to them than their gut feeling? I'm not saying that a mustache matters; how could we ever know? As a student of individual behavior, it's just interesting that someone would foll
  18. I have about 8K & yes I did. Though it is optional, it’s almost like it’s mandatory since they really value diversity.
  19. Congrats on the invite! How many hours of PCE did you have? And did you do the diversity essay?
  20. In our clinic, there are sporadic patients on long-term opioids, but one or two providers are the primary providers that have large panels. Part of this is inheritance from other retiring providers, and part of it is inheriting them from other practices when new providers have joined our organization. More of my colleagues use marijuana as a percentage compared to the patients who come through the door. Seems hypocritical for me to "look the other way" when thinking of them and passing judgement on a patient who uses marijuana. Particularly since Medical Marijuana cards are given out l
  21. Hello! It appeared on the side bar as “PA Interview Information”. It was also announced on my landing page. I can’t remember what it said because it has changed for a third time since I accepted my invite. Don’t lose hope just yet! If you haven’t received a rejection, there is still a chance! Some applicants will decline their invitation if they got in elsewhere last cycle. They have 72 hours to respond so try to hang in there... I know that’s really hard to do
  22. One of the student ambassadors in my group said she got her acceptance on a Saturday for what it's worth...
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