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  2. I am taking a gap year following my undergraduate at the University of Idaho, and applying this cycle in May of 2019. I am terrified of being denied entry, I feel that there isn't much that stands out in my application. I am doing an impressive internship this summer, but will be applying before it begins. I hope to matriculate into a surgical career, but am keeping my options open at this point. Please give me your 100% candid feedback. I'm an Idaho resident, from a medically underserved area btw. cGPA: 3.54 sGPA: 3.5 Paid PCE: ~800 hours as a surgical floor CNA Unpaid PCE: 221.25 hours ED volunteer Scribe Hours: 45 hours Free clinic PA shadowing: 80 hours (FP, Surgical Speciality) MD shadowing: 15 hours (FP, Orthopedic Surgeon) Volunteer hours: ~300 Muscular Dystrophy Association, Environmental, Greek Definitely applying to: Northern Arizona, Samuel Merritt University, Western University of Health Sciences, Idaho State University, Cornell University, PACE University (Lenox Hill) Maybe applying to: Carroll University, Salus University, Sullivan University, Albany Medical College, Touro University
  3. I can see the logic in that. But, we'd definitely have to explain that one to patients over and over. Unknowing patients may even confuse it with naturapathy.
  4. Not saying it's good or bad, but I still don't know why everyone tries so hard to keep PA. Yes, may be eaiser short term, but why? Why not make title Change really worth while and something that will make folks take notice and garner respect that currently is not there. Only got one shot. Actually this discussion really doesn't matter. It's in hands of a company that, hopefully, will propose something to truly advance the profession instead of one that is easy or doesn't step on anyone's toes!
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  6. What is the average HCE for admitted applicants? I am applying with ~1,500 and want to know how it compares to interviewed admitted, candidates
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding the laptops used in the class. Are PA students at CUNY required to buy some particular laptop or a device like iPad OR students can buy either of MAC or Windows? I am planning to buy a MacBook but not sure if students can use Mac for the exams at CUNY. Please guide me so I can invest carefully. Would you recommend buying a MacBook while studying at CUNY?
  8. Has anyone considered Practitioner of Allopathy? We'd still be PAs, it would describe well what we do, and it would juxtapose Nurse Practitioner (practitioners of nursing).
  9. Physician; only really related to physician because currently must be teathered to them in some way, whether you say supervising manditory collaboration, still the physicians pawn. Education is not typically stated physician education, rather trained in Medical model, like physicians. Asociate is a partner or subordinate. Generally speaking, when not a business group of associates, it is just a step above assistant, but it's a position in which you can further advance....Not likely! As long as tied, there will be no further advancement. Every healthcare profession should and does collaborate for the betterment of patients. None of them, except PA and decreasing number of NP require specific oversight of another profession to basically allow them to legally work. Little off topic.., but If you, anyone wants to continue as is, playing nice and requiring physician, or qualified healthcare provider agreement to work, why not go back to BS degree like PTA, OTA, SLPA, cause that's what you are. With the current education, it is just wrong for employment to be dependent upon another...Doesn't mean there shouldn't be some definite phase in to independence, no way for new any PA or NP out alone without at least 3 years and specified related CEU at least equal to physician. I think PAs generally do this anyway.
  10. Definition of Associate: "a person with limited or subordinate membership of an organization." So this is what we are in relation to Docs? Well EMEDPA at least you took a stab at answering my question. I think the definition speaks for itself though....
  11. Hi Everyone, When does the program start? Is it in mid August or earlier?
  12. Thanks everyone . I will definitely be applying early and hopefully the upward trend will be enough !
  13. So, you didnt study for, take, and pass the MCAT, didnt get into medical school, didnt do 4 years of medical school, and didnt do a 3-7 year residency....yet you want the first place trophy. Agreed.
  14. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you there! Really trying to get some info on the day to day so I can plan lol
  15. In another thread it came up about admin setting schedules or other policy which might be interpreted as a medical decision.... on that thread, what bout this??? What about this scenario. Sheriff (she does not hold any type of license to practice medicine) states “no suboxone or methadone in a jail because I don’t believe in them, I believe in abstinence” so people coming in (even those stable for years) are forced detox. Is this his person practicing medicine with out a license? Is this admin making medical decisions?
  16. Update: Hello everybody, the job was exactly as described. I spent a few days already and the census has been anywhere from 25-50 patients in a 24-hour period (average looks to be around 40). The pay is more so around $107,000 (this is before RVUs/taxes; and adjusted for 2 weeks "vacation"). The number quoted earlier was if I worked the absolute minimum. However I'm on the schedule a bit more as the PA shift for the entire month is split between me and one other PA. I received my healthcare benefits and already put some of my CME money to use. I have to present every case to the Physician for the first 6 weeks and will be under a close eye for the first few months. The doctors I have met were very nice and willing to talk about anything. The nurses / techs / RTs do a considerable amount of work and really just leave us with procedures and decision-making. I realize I'm very fortunate to find an ER job right out of school as many of my ER-hopeful friends had to settle with urgent care for the time being. Once again, thank you to all who have commented.
  17. Have they sent out all the emails yet? I haven't heard anything yet, good or bad.
  18. So no one has answered my question. The Topic of this thread... How do the words "Physician" and "Associate" apply to us? Anyone? <crickets>
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