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Albany Med EM Fellowship Blog, Part Deux

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:04 AM

Excellent Nice share.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 07:37 AM

Hey everyone, 

      Graduate of the program here. This is a long overdue post. Have been meaning to put this on the forum for some time unfortunately life and work have gotten in the way. I want to offer a perspective of someone who has completed the program and since moved on to an entirely different location and non academic hospital system. For starters I want to echo the previous posters comments on the quality of this program. The program directors are excellent. Its a demanding year but I have to say that Adam will do everything he can to accommodate you during the process. The focus of this program is education. Yes you will pull many shifts per month and be required to attend many lectures conferences etc but 100% this program is about making you better. At no point did I feel as though this program was a waste of time nor did I feel I was being utilized as cheap labor. You are essentially completing intern year at an MD residency with great Attendings fellow residents rotations etc. Not all programs are created equal and though it may be difficult it will be up to you to ensure it is not the "residency" or "fellowship" that sticks you in triage or fast track paying you resident salary without appropriate learning opportunities. I have talked with graduates of such programs and several of my friends have regrettably attended such programs. As is mentioned previously in these posts there are a great deal of critical care opportunities and procedures. I didn't get quite the numbers that Eric pulled but I wasn't too far behind. Many people in these forums are asking the real value in such a program. I have heard many of my colleagues in school state that they would rather "learn on the job" or do a few years in urgent care and transfer over to EM to be proficient. These options are fine for the person that wants to stay in triage/fast track but lets not kid ourselves as there is no comparison in the work being done. The person seeing URI and sprained ankles for years will never get the hands on experience managing the actual sick patients. Several have also asked the question what is the point of learning how to operate at such a level if you're not going to be able to perform such work at your next job. The short of it is that you will be able to replicate the environment at Albany. When I was looking for jobs there was no difficulty finding positions. I currently have two jobs. The first one I obtained out of the program wasn't hiring however was familiar with the program and made a position for me. I was offered a sign on bonus and an hourly rate fitting for the experience I have acquired. At this point in my career I have worked RME/triage a total of 2 times. Both of my jobs are main ED coverage. I pick up charts alongside the docs interchangeably. I am credentialed at both hospitals for intubations central lines chest tubes etc. No one blinks an eye when I pick up the crashing patients. I can also say that having completed this program and being able to operate at a higher level in these ERs I have gained a great deal of respect from my SPs. I still study daily. Many hours spent with Mel and Billy. There is much for me to learn however this experience has given me a base for which to operate proficiently in a main ED environment. If youre serious about learning real emergency medicine and are fortunate enough to be offered a spot in this program I personally wouldn't hesitate to take the position. 

Thanks for the read


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Posted 22 June 2017 - 12:50 AM

Awesome prospective CB. 


Currently plugging away in a residency now and it's good to hear perspective from "the other side." Even if I'm not in the same residency, mine correlates well. 


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